Saturday, February 16, 2008

Politically Incorrect

I used to be one of those academic elite who knew what was correct to care about, but I've recently realized that I have become politically incorrect. It's not that I don't want equality or environmental health or an end to wars. Of course, I do. It's just that my mind is all aflutter with mommy-dom.

You say environmentalism, I think of breastfeeding and cloth diapers, cleaning green in the home, avoiding plastics in my daughters day, being careful about when/which vaccinations to give her.

You say feminism, I think of birth, ICAN/ preventing unnecessary c-sections, and getting high profile celebs to stop having elective c-sections.

You say end wars, stop being the world's police and I think about being a stay at home mom, responding sensitively to my children's needs and maintaining peace and civility in my own home.

So, I guess I have come off of the world scene in most ways. I don't read the right books & articles or travel to the right countries anymore. I haven't seen the right films or debated the right issues over fair trade coffee. I'm just a little suburban housewife building a big world piece by piece for a little person.

4 comments: said...

Welcome Aboard.

But beware the politics are thick in mommydom.

I am known as the mom who had a waterbirth, makes her own babyfood and used cloth diapers.

I am happy to sport this politic at times but then it erases the reality that I also mostly formula fed my girls (INSANE milk supply problems), put my kids in daycare, and after 8 months of my oldest sleeping in my bed, kicked her out despite her protests.

There are certainly ways to be politically correct and politically incorrect in mommy world - it justs depends which mommies you hanging with.

Emile said...

I know. It's so true. In fact, my blog is a bit of a farce because I am well aware of the "political correctness" in mommyland. Right now it seems I'm holding up the Attachment Parenting signage, and it feels pretty good usually, but there sure are nights that I almost pull my hair out from lack of bed space, constant nursing, and no sleep =(.

stinestrain said...

yeah but the "political correctness" in mommydom is a farce too. we all judge each other no matter what pretty face we put on and pretend not to, eh?

and it still matters less (probably a LOT less) than we think it really does in the grand scheme of things.

totally BTDT on the family bed nursing marathon sleepless nights... and you're totally not alone check out the nighttime parenting forum on MDC sometime, you can make lots of hair-pulling-out friends.

who needs them though, you have
Chrislilah :P

delilah said...

I would say that raising your daughter with care and consciousness is the next step to solving all the world issues you've mentioned. If everyone put such thought into their parenting, the world would be a much better place, and I think you're doing a great job!

Then again, i've never responded well to being judged. I'm a freakin' supermodel genius, and everybody else can go jump. :P