Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pump & Blog: Headbands

Okay, in an effort to give new meaning to the term "multitasking," I am, as I write, double pumping my breasts. That's right - not only can I comment on the need for headbands to return to style, but I can also produce and extract milk. Not bad, eh?

Now, on to headbands. This is a simple post that has one objective: to call for headbands to return to fashion magazines everywhere (where they ever there or just on the heads of little girls?). Regardless, I feel they are an imperative way to keep ones hair out of one's face while providing an alternative to the ponytail, which I so commonly sport. Now, for a photo tour.

Never mind. As further evidence of how far out of the loop I am - apparently Paris, Reese, and other Hollywood ladies have already brought it back... ho hum.


stinestrain said...

headbands are actually back, eh? I should check that out. I do the "mom tail" all the time now too.

If I were delilah I would know a fancy way to put my hair up with sticks. And it would also end up perfect in that not-so-perfect way where just a few wisps of hair hang down.

And be black and shiny.

Alas, it is just bumpy, blonde, and pulled back in that not-so-perfect way that says "I have always been a hairstyle challenged person"

delilah said...

Christine's hair is not long enough for hairsticks, so it's a moot point, sweetheart. 4 more inches and I can totally help you, though.

I tried headbands, but i'm totally inept at them. I bet you'd look great in them, Emile! There are apparently some awesome handmade ones to be had at my fav site,