Saturday, February 16, 2008

Politically Incorrect

I used to be one of those academic elite who knew what was correct to care about, but I've recently realized that I have become politically incorrect. It's not that I don't want equality or environmental health or an end to wars. Of course, I do. It's just that my mind is all aflutter with mommy-dom.

You say environmentalism, I think of breastfeeding and cloth diapers, cleaning green in the home, avoiding plastics in my daughters day, being careful about when/which vaccinations to give her.

You say feminism, I think of birth, ICAN/ preventing unnecessary c-sections, and getting high profile celebs to stop having elective c-sections.

You say end wars, stop being the world's police and I think about being a stay at home mom, responding sensitively to my children's needs and maintaining peace and civility in my own home.

So, I guess I have come off of the world scene in most ways. I don't read the right books & articles or travel to the right countries anymore. I haven't seen the right films or debated the right issues over fair trade coffee. I'm just a little suburban housewife building a big world piece by piece for a little person.

Pump & Blog: Headbands

Okay, in an effort to give new meaning to the term "multitasking," I am, as I write, double pumping my breasts. That's right - not only can I comment on the need for headbands to return to style, but I can also produce and extract milk. Not bad, eh?

Now, on to headbands. This is a simple post that has one objective: to call for headbands to return to fashion magazines everywhere (where they ever there or just on the heads of little girls?). Regardless, I feel they are an imperative way to keep ones hair out of one's face while providing an alternative to the ponytail, which I so commonly sport. Now, for a photo tour.

Never mind. As further evidence of how far out of the loop I am - apparently Paris, Reese, and other Hollywood ladies have already brought it back... ho hum.