Thursday, January 10, 2008

To blog or not to blog?

Well, I am trying to be a blogger, but what to blog about is of concern. Of course, the things I think about seem rather mundane, but then most blogs are just that, you know? Everyday happenings in the lives of regular people.

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Nicole said...

HOLY COW - I am so happy for you Emile! How brave and bold at be a full time mom! I have had a crazy fulfilling week at work but I have been thinking about HOME nearly every minute and starting to wonder if I should be home.

Okay I was interrupted and now it is about an hour later. And I have run out of steam. I am depleted from a day of work and an evening of little ones. But it has been a good day.

I will return to your blog soon. (I am supposed to go to Birmingham tomorrow to see Jen - remember her the CPM who arrived at my birth about 10 minutes after Claire was born?)

I am glad you have started to blog. Just write about anything and think of it as a documentation of the struggles of new motherhood. How one minute you can't breath without your baby and you feel completely fulfilled and then five minutes later the isolation and monotony starts creeping into your ears like winter vines.

I think life with a new baby is like WINTER. It is long and still and harsh but in that harshness there are glimpses of beauty. It is those glimpses that keep you trudging through, thirsting for more of that simple beauty.

And there is lots of howling -by that baby. :)

Oh, my. I am tired and I get a little heavy when I am tired so off I go and I will see you soon, friend.