Sunday, January 20, 2008


Okay, there are several things I'd like to find time in my life to do.

Here they are:

Finish listening to One Thousand Splendid Suns on audio book, read some of the books stacked up by my bed (to be enumerated later), cook and eat more, start the C25K running program (though I've never really run before), blog more consistently, and find a bit of time each day (or most days) to work on teaching myself farsi through the Rosetta Stone program that I spent so much $$ on and that has been sitting on my bedroom floor staring at me while my inlaws ask how it is coming along :(, I wouldn't mind learning to knit either, but one thing at a time, You know? Oh yes, and last, but not least - I'd like to make a scrapbook of all the little pregnancy/ birth stuff from Sophia. Ok, one more - sort through my boxes of pictures to see if I have any baby pictures of myself since my parents can't seem to recover any (trials of a 3rd born).

Ok, on a less OCD/ list making note, yesterday we took Sophia out into the snow. Pics to follow. She was in a giant snow suit that looks like a bear. to be cont....

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