Monday, September 15, 2008

I did a lot!

I'm always reading blogs where mamas delineate all the things they accomplished that day and wonder how on earth they do it. But today, I was one of those mamas. I was just on my game ;)

So, I'm going to brag on my doings today and see if they still look like a lot on paper.

First off, I got me & Sophia fed, ready and out of the house by 9am. We went to the chiropractor where we both got adjusted. From there, we went to gymboree and played.

Then, we came home, had lunch, I did the dishes, played some more, vacuumed the living room, boiled the pacis, read Sophia some books, got a load of laundry started, sorted all of Sophia's old clothes for what could be worn by a boy (cause we're pretty sure this is a boy) and by size and planned dinner. Around that time, I put Sophia down for her nap.

While she slept, I ate some more (preggo appetite), watched the news, caught up on emails, read a bit, & got the mail.

After she woke up, I fed her again, made bran muffins, emptied all the trashes, put the laundry in the dryer, took Sophia on a walk, took the trash can to the curb, and made dinner. Of course, dispersed amongst these things are the usual diaper & clothing changes and general clean ups of Sophia's hands & face :)

Then Shahin got home, I set the table and served dinner while he hung out with Sophia. Then we ate, I cleaned up dinner, started the dishwasher, got Sophia's nighttime milk and we headed upstairs. I folded the laundry and Shahin gave Sophie her bath. Then we played a bit more. Finally, bedtime for Miss S. Got myself cleaned up and now I'm just chillin', but my back sure hurts...

So, there you have it. A day in my life where I did all the "stuff" I wanted & needed to do. Though admittedly, if I could've somehow fit in prenatal yoga too, that would've been cool.

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delilah said...

Do not allow my husband to read this blog. If he realizes that a pregnant woman can do more than 3 things a day (including taking a nap), i'm totally in the doghouse.

Congrats on accomplishing in one day what I aim for in a month!

And also congrats on having, like, the cutest little bump ever. =)